Friday, October 3, 2008

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.

My husband eats steak just so he can have A1.
He will eat A1 by the spoonful.
A1 gags me to no end. And yet I'm forced to buy it in bulk because my husband loooves it.
Lucky for me I got an email from a Midwest company called Country Bob's who is in the business of steak sauce.
"Want to try our sauce?" they asked.
Sure! anything to get that nasty smell of Kraft BBQ sauce out of my life and to lessen my husband's dependence on A1.
A couple of days later Bob delivered, two bottles of his All Purpose Sauce, right to my doorstep. I was a little skeptical. Since being pregnant and barfing up BBQ sauce I have been wary of any kind of meat sauce.
It sat in my cupboard until one night all I had to make was a chicken. Plain old chicken. I figured this was as good of time as any to pull out ol' Country Bob. (Who also included recipes that looked really good...more on that later.)
I smothered the chicken in Country Bob's sauce and baked it.
Just a mild flavor of not quite BBQ but not quite that A1 flavor that I don't like.
Cody poured even more of the sauce on his chicken and on his vegetables.
This is where I get to the recipes that were included.
We used the sauce up so fast over the last couple weeks on hamburgers, more chicken, steaks and pulled pork we never got around to making any of Country Bob's suggestions. But those baked beans? Next time.
What I'm really stoked about is that it is available in local grocery stores out here.
Do you think Cody will notice when I switch out his A1 for Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce?

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Anna said...

I saw some at the store today and bought it. My mouth is kind of watering.